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EPDM roofing

Posted by on Oct 8, 2016


EPDM roofing is short for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer roofing material that is also known as a rubber roofing material. Rubber roofing is a single ply membrane, which has only one layer of the roof material. The thickness of this material is from 30 to 100 mils. This material is known since 1960 and is very common used for many low-slope roofing systems. These roofing materials have enhanced versatility and durability, it is easy to install, repair, and maintain, unlike the other roofing materials. Rubber roofing material can make your home in Houston very pretty with a low budget.



For a flat roof or a low slope roofing system, rubber roofing material is the best choice. Rubber roofing material is great because it reduces the labor costs when comparing to the competition. It has great durability and offers excellent resistance to abrasion and water. Rubber offers easy repair options and does not require a lot of maintenance, which means that the maintenance bills are low. Rubber has high strength and superior flexibility. The rubber membrane can be easy contoured to fit any roofing shape. Also, the rubber roof installation has many safety advantages, there is no heat, fumes or heavy  machines needed during the installation. This material has been a choice for many low-slope buildings and houses for over 50 years, which means it is very popular.



Rubber roofing materials offer many great features like the hail resistance which has been proven,  the high resistance to the UV rays, ozone, abrasion and weathering. This material is very flexible at the low temperatures and has a superior resistance to fire and extreme heat. Also, the rubbers offer a thermal shock durability. On the market, you cannot find a roofing material with such many great features like the rubber, and due to that, this material is a great choose for your Houston roofing system. Rubber material also has a great wind resistance which was also proven. This roofing material is design to fight any natural element or condition and that is why is great for any area.



Rubber is very durable synthetic rubber roofing material and is known and used widely in low-slope buildings worldwide and also in Houston. It has two ingredients, ethylene, and propylene. They have been derived from the natural gasses and oils. The rubber material or EPDM is available in both, white and black. Rubber roofing material can be installed either mechanically attached, ballasted or fully adhered, with the sutures of the roofing system.

At the end I have to give a special thank you to Victor, a number one guy when it comes to roofing in houston, tx. With him I was able to come up with this informative and insightulf article on EPDM roofing material.


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Cleaning Solar Panels

Posted by on Jul 19, 2016

Cleaning Solar Panels

How to clean and maintain your solar panels

Solar panels require little to no maintenance. But what happens once your solar panels do need professional care or cleaning? Since there are no moving parts on solar panels they are not that prone to damaging or breaking. You should have them inspected at least once a year to make sure that everything is alright and to make sure that there is no dirt present on your solar panels. Dust can block sunlight which means that your solar panels won’t perform at their full capacity. That can leave you with high energy bills.


Always pay attention to where are you standing, wear proper footwear, head protection, gloves and be cautious at all times if you plan on inspecting your solar panels by yourself. If you are not comfortable with heights, then you better contact a professional. They will get the job was done and there won’t be any errors.

If you notice that there are dirt particles covering your solar panels you can use your garden hose to wash it down with water. Best time of the day to do this is in the evening or early in the morning. Make sure that the day is clear and bright and always watch where you step. Watering down your solar panels will make your roofing material slippery so make sure to be extra careful.

You can also install automated solar panel cleaners which are best described as sprinklers. This will save you all the trouble of climbing your roofing system every once in a while to clean your solar panels. There are cleaning systems which can be programmed by your needs. This can be a great solution for you if you live in a dusty and dry area.

Solar panels can do wonders for your home all while lowering your energy bills.  People often install solar panels without consulting with their trusted, local roofing contractor, and it can end up bad. Not every roof is the right fit for solar panels and hiring a bad roofer can leave you with poorly installed solar panels. This will just leave you with even more expenses. If your solar panels are installed on the wrong side of your roof, you will just lose money over time. That is why it is vital to consult with a trusted roofing company before you decide to install solar panels.


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Dangers of Residential Metal Roofing

Posted by on Jul 5, 2016

Dangers of Residential Metal Roofing

What are the risks of choosing metal as your residential roofing solution?

Every day more and more people decide that metal is the best option when it comes to picking a new roofing material for their property. That is not so surprising considering that metal is one of the most durable materials available today. Metal roofing system can easily last for up to 80 years if properly installed and maintained, so it’s no wonder that people choose it for their home. There are many questions hanging in the air when talking about metal roofing material because people always wonder what are the risks of installing a metal roof on their residence. Today we will talk about dangers and risks that come with metal roofs compared to other modern roofing systems.

As we said, metal is much sturdier and durable than traditional residential roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, wood shingles, and clay or concrete tiles. Metal will last you a lifetime, and you won’t have to worry about maintenance since metal is almost maintenance-free. However, if you are not careful enough, the metal roof could cause you a whole lot of trouble. If your new metal roofing system isn’t properly treated with protective coatings, it will not shed ice and snow which means that it will quickly freeze which can lead to cracking of the material. Another thing you should be aware of is the debris that can easily slide off of your roofing system and fall down on you, your car or something/somebody else. If there are branches hanging over your roof you should trim them to prevent them from falling on your roof. As you already know, metal can be slippery so if you plan on climbing your roof you should be extremely careful. Make sure that you wear work boots with rubber soles for better grip. But remember, when it comes to problems which require climbing on your roof it is always best to contact your local roofing professional to take care of any problem your roof might have. And know, let us talk about lightning strikes. As you know, metal is excellent at attracting and conducting electricity. It is always recommendable to install a lightning rod on top your metal roof because if the lightning strikes your roof electricity will spread out and it will follow gutters down to the ground. This can be dangerous because it usually rains during the storms and gutters are made out of metal which will lead electricity down to the ground. Now imagine if you are standing outside near the gutters, you can suffer lightning strike if electricity spreads over the wet ground around you.

So to conclude, metal indeed is premium roofing material which can do wonders for your home. A lightning strike is very unlikely to happen, but there is always some risk present. Remember, metal is sturdy, durable and it will last you a lifetime. And in addition to all that, it is almost maintenance-free. If you wish to install a metal roofing system on your home, it is best for you first to talk with your trusted roofing contractor to inform yourself about everything you should know.

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