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Types of Products for Coating Cold roofs

Posted by on Apr 1, 2016

Types of Products for Coating Cold roofs

Cold roofs are those that reflect the sun’s heat and emit the absorbed temperature back into the atmosphere. The roof remains cool and reduces the amount of heat that is transferred to the building where it is located.
Built-up Roofing – BUR
Consists mainly of asphalt and roofing grave. They consist of several layers of asphalt and insulation is put on the spot. Can be covered by additional coating (cap sheet – membrane, foil, etc.), or other materials like pebbles.
Foam Roof Systems
Can be divided into two categories: applied to the site (field-applied), or factory-made (factory-applied). Foam roof coverings, which are used on the spot, are similar to the finishing of the roof that is applied on the spot. They are applied in liquid form (spray or brush), while an additional layer for better reflection is applied later, if the product itself is not enough good to be the cold roof.
Foam roof covers for cold roofs carried out at the factory on construction site actually arrive as solid panels that are coated with a layer of reflection.
Metal Products for Roofs Covering

Metal sheets and sandwich panels for roofing and cladding roofs are widely represented on the market. Metal roof coating can look like roof tiles, can have a semi-circular and irregular shape. They are available in wide range of colors and textures and finishing metals may have, regardless of the color of the roof, excellent characteristics of reflection and emissions.

New technologies have managed to add the additives to traditional coatings, which greatly improve the characteristics of the metal roof cladding. So standard metal products, sandwich panel, profiled or flat sheet, may have significantly better performance than an ordinary roof, in the terms of making a cool roof.
Modified Bitumen – Mod Bit
Over-Modified-Bitumen-Cap-SheetDelivered mainly in strips of bitumen (asphalt or tar), mixed with plastics and other materials. As is the case with roofs, which are placed on the site (which also contain asphalt), the ability of the roofs to become cool roofs depends on the characteristics of finishing.
Shingles, Slate, or Tile
All three types of products are based on the same concept – the elements that together form a roof covering. Asphalt shingles are common in homes, especially because of its relatively low cost, easy installation and lower load for the roof structure and the entire facility.

Tiles and plates are available in different colors, shapes and textures. These products due to its large mass are sometimes avoided in the construction.

Roof Coatings
roof_sprayingRoof panels for installation on site are installed directly on the roof, either on the roof or the new over the old lining. They can be placed over anything as long as you make the correct choice of coverings.
Roof coverings that are installed in the factory are actually the ones that are applied to metal products for roofing.

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